Eastern E&O Brokers, Inc. does not provide any information regarding any person or entity, for whom we provide Professional Liability Insurance indications or quotations, except as listed below:

  1. Various Professional Liability Insurance Companies, but only with respect to obtaining a quotation and/or effecting Insurance on your behalf; and
  1. Your Insurance Broker (if applicable*); and
  1. IPFS, but only if you or your broker (if applicable) requests that we arrange a finance contract on your behalf; and
  1. Your alternate finance company for which we have received a premium finance agreement and/or acceptance of premium financing from the finance company, but only with regard to pertinent policy information requested in writing from the finance company; and
  1. Any local, state or federal Agency or Court which compels us to divulge information as they see fit.


*While EEOB is primarily a retail facility, in the unlikely event that your account is written through a broker, we must be able to fully communicate with the broker to best serve your interests.

By you or your broker (if applicable) making a request to Eastern E&O Brokers, Inc. to provide an indication or quotation for Professional Liability Insurance on your behalf, you both acknowledge and authorize the release of information to such entities as listed (1-5) above.


Revised 10/28/2013


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